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        Jiujiang Xinxing glass fiber material Co., Ltd

        Mobile: 136 0792 3673 - director of marketing - Luo Jinsong

        Tel.: + 86-792-835 8100

        Email: Mary jjxx@163.com

        Website: www.sxb2.com

        Address: no.1188, Qianjin East Road, Lianxi District, Jiujiang City

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        Founded in 1998, Jiujiang Xinxing Group has three subsidiaries: Jiujiang Xinxing glass fiber material Co., Ltd., Jiujiang Zhongke Xinxing New Material Co., Ltd. and Jiujiang Xinxing insulation material Co., Ltd. With nearly 1000 employees, the group is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R &amp; D and production of high-performance glass fiber and new materials. Its main products include ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, glass fiber yarn (cloth), composite material products, etc. it is a famous enterprise in Jiangxi Province.

        The company attaches great importance to the training of talents, forming a echelon employment mechanism of internal talent reserve training, career planning and development, assessment and selection of cadres, providing employees with a platform to display their talents and create value opportunities, so that employees and the company can grow together! Facing the future, Xinxing Group will meet the challenge with excellent team, innovative concept and brand-new face, and build the enterprise into an industry leader with first-class technology, quality and management. We are looking forward to your joining!

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        2、 Various benefits

        1. The employees shall apply for endowment insurance, medical insurance and industrial injury insurance after becoming regular employees.

        2. The company provides accommodation (five dishes and one soup for each meal, meat and vegetable collocation, scientific arrangement and balanced nutrition; the staff dormitory is well decorated, the room has wooden floor, broadband, cable TV, natural gas and other interfaces, the kitchen has kitchen utensils, range hood and other living facilities, warm and comfortable, the husband and wife are both employees of the company, and husband and wife can be provided.

        Address: no. 1188, Qianjin East Road, Lianxi District, Jiujiang City (Fengjia Village)

        Website: www.jjxxbq.com

        Recruitment email: jjxxhr@163.com

        Bus route: take No. 101, No. 106 and No.32 buses in the city, get off at fengjiacun station, and walk about 100 meters along the right road to get there.

        Tel: Human Resources Department (0792-8359899)

        Mr. Zhou (13970209188) Mr. Zou (13879208666)

        National Free Sales Hotline


        Address: no.1188, Qianjin East Road, Lushan District, Jiujiang City


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