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        Alkali free fiberglass yarn

        2020-04-01 14:11:47
        Alkali free fiberglass yarn
        Detailed introduction:


        Product model:

        EC9 54X2;   EC9 54X3


        Building materials industry; manufacturing industry; composite materials


        From 1 to 16 strands

        The twist of yarn can be divided into 28 ~ 150 twists, and the twist can be produced according to the customer's requirements

        From the volume: 4 kg, 2 kg

        From the forming mode: direct spinning

        Product features:

        ▲ strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and less moisture absorption

        Good electrical insulation

        Product use:

        It is used for braiding wire and cable covering layer, sleeve, mine fuse, insulation material of motor and electrical winding, yarn for various woven fabrics and other industrial yarn


        1 ton (excluding samples and samples)

        Monthly capacity:

        800 tons

        Packing details:

        The normal packing is 2kg / piece, and the packing method is 12 pieces / carton

        Stocking period:

        7 days

        payment method:

        T / T, L / C at sight

        Place of Origin:

        Jiujiang, Jiangxi


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